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  • RIPA Training
    Investigative Skills
  • Surveillance Training
    First Aid and Conflict Management
  • First Aid Training
    RIPA Training
  • Financial Investigation Training
    Trainer and Assessor Skills Level 3 and 4
  • PTLLS Course
    Financial Investigation and Intelligence
  • RIPA Training
    Surveillance Training
  • Surveillance Training
  • First Aid Training
    Conflict Management

SkillsInvestigative Skills

The core competencies for professional investigators.

First Aid and Conflict ManagementFirst Aid

Basic first aid & life support skills together with all first aid qualifications

TrainingRIPA Training

Including the application, gate keeping and authorisation of all surveillance and CHIS

Trainer and Assessor SkillsPTLLS Level 3 and 4 Train The Trainer Skills

Level 3 Award & Level 4 Certificate In Education & Training

Financial Investigation and IntelligenceFinancial Investigation and Intelligence

Develop the investigators’ knowledge, skills & application of intelligence development.

TrainingSurveillance Training

Core competencies for covert surveillance operatives.



Ability to effectively interview witnesses, victims and suspects.

SafetyPersonal Safety

Techniques to identify, prevent & de-escalate challenging behaviour.

Conflict Management

We all have to deal with difficult behaviour from time to time. This practical one-day course will give you new insights into the causes of conflict that cause so much anguish, stress and lost time. It teaches recognised techniques to identify and de-escalate behaviour, providing individuals with the skills to reduce and prevent occurrences of aggression, bullying and violence.

At the conclusion of the course the delegates will be able to put practical strategies in place to:

  • Prevent incidents occurring or escalating
  • Help staff cope with the affects of stress and adrenalin
  • Increase personal confidence
  • Provide an action plan for handling aggressive behaviour
  • Reduce the risk of escalation during the initial stages of physical provocation

The course can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client at no additional cost.  Our trainer is a former police hostage negotiator with extensive practical experience of difficult and sometimes life-threatening situations.

Breakaway Techniques

These simple techniques are designed to complement the Conflict Management training.  This is not a self-defence session but provides simple techniques designed to enable persons to ‘breakaway’ from wrist or clothing grabs.  The half-day course has been previously taught to staff at Burger King fast food outlets, business development managers at Punch Taverns and to workers at Public Authorities including police officers and council workers.  The skills taught are the same as those taught during module one of the level 2 Physical Intervention Skills course.

Level 2 Physical Intervention Skills

This qualification is a basic requirement for anyone who may need to use some form of physical intervention skills in the workplace. The course meets the SIA requirements for door supervisors but is relevant to other sectors such as bailiffs, healthcare and education workers. It is aimed at people who have already taken some form of conflict management training (involving non-physical ways of managing and avoiding conflict), but whose job roles put them in a position where it is likely that they also need training in physical intervention skills. These skills are seen as forming part of an overall strategy designed to prevent and manage challenging, aggressive or violent behaviours.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Contact & Withdraw
  • Disengagement Techniques
  • Escorting Techniques
  • Lead and support
  • Team Extraction

The course is run jointly with McCormack Training Limited.

What are the benefits?

On successful completion of this one day course, delegates will receive a certificate from the National Open College Network (NOCN).

Personal Safety Awareness

Utilising Suzy Lamplugh training techniques, this one-day course teaches simple practical strategies to keep ALL personnel safer in the workplace whether working as a lone worker or in another person’s home or office.

Employers are working with employees to help reduce the risk of such incidents and in doing so, reduce sickness and absenteeism and the cause of stress. By empowering employees to be confident, assertive, observant and aware of their surroundings, the likelihood of such incidents occurring can be reduced or even prevented.

At the conclusion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify and implement best practices for staff when working in isolation or working in homes
  • Recognise safety measures in the workplace especially with regard to:
  • How to react in a breakdown situation
  • Using personal alarms or mobile tele phones
  • When travelling in and parking our cars
  • When travelling on foot
  • When travelling on public transport
  • When working in other people’s homes or places of work

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