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  • RIPA Training
    Investigative Skills
  • Surveillance Training
    First Aid and Conflict Management
  • First Aid Training
    RIPA Training
  • Financial Investigation Training
    Trainer and Assessor Skills Level 3 and 4
  • PTLLS Course
    Financial Investigation and Intelligence
  • RIPA Training
    Surveillance Training
  • Surveillance Training
  • First Aid Training
    Conflict Management

SkillsInvestigative Skills

The core competencies for professional investigators.

First Aid and Conflict ManagementFirst Aid

Basic first aid & life support skills together with all first aid qualifications

TrainingRIPA Training

Including the application, gate keeping and authorisation of all surveillance and CHIS

Trainer and Assessor SkillsPTLLS Level 3 and 4 Train The Trainer Skills

Level 3 Award & Level 4 Certificate In Education & Training

Financial Investigation and IntelligenceFinancial Investigation and Intelligence

Develop the investigators’ knowledge, skills & application of intelligence development.

TrainingSurveillance Training

Core competencies for covert surveillance operatives.



Ability to effectively interview witnesses, victims and suspects.

SafetyPersonal Safety

Techniques to identify, prevent & de-escalate challenging behaviour.

Surveillance Training

The training is delivered by accredited, experienced and proven associates as well as qualified trainers. Each associate has individual specialist covert knowledge and skills.

If you have particular requirements for your organisation please contact Baron Training Limited. Pre-course discussion with managers is encouraged to ensure that all training meets the needs of the individual organisation.

The courses enable learners to carry out foot surveillance, log keeping, camera competency, court skills, rural and urban observation posts in compliance with the UK legal framework.

Level 3 Covert Foot Surveillance

The award is based on the core competency training for covert investigators undertaking foot surveillance.

Aim Of The Course

‘To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills, to carry out foot surveillance to the highest level within a trained team.’

This qualification has 3 units, which will develop understanding of:

1. Legal and organisational requirements in relation to Covert Foot Surveillance (CFS)
2. How to conduct covert foot surveillance operations.
3. How to manage information, intelligence and evidence through CFS.

Management Of Covert Operations

The course is designed to ensure those investigators who have responsibility for managing operations where covert methods and tactics are employed, are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to carry out that role.

The course is supported by a cadre of associates, who are experts within their specialist area. The course can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual or organisation.

Static Urban Observation Posts

This five-day course is designed to enable operatives to locate and construct an observation post in an urban environment and obtain imagery that meets evidential standards. The course deals with the following issues:

  • Health and Safety
  • Operational orders
  • Planning and preparation
  • Introduction to tradecraft
  • Vehicle and building occupancy.
  • Observation post equipment
  • Video camera usage
  • Insertion and extraction tactics
  • Surveillance log keeping
  • Compromise and disclosure
  • Surveillance glossary
  • Technical issues.

Log Keeping And Disclosure

This two-day course provides sound, practical training and deals with the following issues:

  • Completion of the Surveillance Log Book
  • Completion of the Surveillance Management record (SMR)
  • Issue, storage, retention and control of surveillance log books and SMRs
  • Relevant legal issues including RIPA 2000 and DPA 1998
  • Conducting briefing and de-briefing of surveillance operations
  • Disclosure issues in relation to Surveillance Log Books and SMRs
  • Dealing with sensitive issues and unused material
  • MG6 Forms and their completion
  • Public Interest Immunity

Other more sensitive training of covert techniques and tactics is available, but is limited to Law Enforcement agencies.

Style Of Training

All training is delivered in line with current good practice and is student centred. A balance of theory and practice is used with realistic scenarios. Pre course discussion with managers is encouraged regarding attendees and duration/design.

Legal Content

All training (unless requested) is based around evidence gathering. Unlike some training providers who teach intelligence based information gathering, we promote evidence gathering from contemplation to Crown Court. All input is therefore up to date and in line with UK practice.

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